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One of my FAVORITE finds ever!! I remember my grandma owning one of these. I thought she looked so cool with it! It is such a simple cut but the silver metallic color makes it a timeless fashion statement. My grandma would use this slouchy shoulder bag to hold her light weights and clean clothes on the way to the gym. She would also use this shoulder bag when going to do errands. Maybe you can use this vintage shoulder bag/tote bag in a similar manner!


Brand Name: Unknown

Color: Metallic Silver

Materials: Faux Leather

Condition: Excellent





Purse's opening to the bottom: 12 1/2 inches.

Purse's width: 11 inches.

Bottom: length - 8 inches/width - 11 inches.

Straps length (top middle to end): 15 1/2 inches.

Sides: length - 13 inches / width - 4 inches.



No worries! - These items have been sanitized before being shipped to you.

VTG 1990's Soft Faux Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag

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