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Meet Me

Hi! I'm Ellie, a Jersey Peach (NJ native, grew up in GA) with a baby face that won't quit. I'm goofy and carefree around friends I'm comfortable with. I love to laugh. I don't have a poker face. I'll be straightforward with you if need be. I am a total sucker for 70s/80s funk, disco and freestyle music, Bill Cunningham's innovative mind, statement earrings and solo traveling. My favorite candy is Whole Food's sour rings and my favorite color is sunshine yellow. I'm a bit of a bad dancer but that doesn't stop me from continuing to dance enthusiastically! The last time I went dancing with friends, it took me four days to recover. Yes, for realsies.

"Fashion Farm"? Really?

Oh yes, most definitely! I didn't want to box myself in a name that caters to a specific trend or mood. A farm provides many good things, you name it. It's a place that keeps on giving. The name "Fashion Farm" provides flexibility in my creativity and leaves the possibility of adding other items in the future.

What made you choose that slogan, “Ready to Harvest Your Originality?”?

I was partly inspired by one of Iris Apfel's quotes: "Style is in your DNA. You can learn to be fashionable and to have good taste, but style is something within. – I can't tell you how to have style. I don't know why all the young people want to look the same. I find it so sad. I think they're missing so much. Your originality is so important."


I also considered my roller coaster ride with personal style. I would wear items in a certain way to be accepted as fashionable and having great taste. Sure, I’d get compliments but I wasn’t able to stay satisfied with myself. In the course of years, I’ve learned that once you know what works for you, you will always look great, no matter what trends come your way. 

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